The apex body of Mohyals was established by our visionary forefathers on 24 May 1891 at Lahore and over the last 125 years has been rendering yeoman service to the community. Mohyals though miniscule in numbers — estimated to be six to seven lacs – have always been in the forefront in the cause of Dharma and defence of motherland. Descendents of legendary Sapta Rishis, Mohyals have, over the ages, repeatedly demonstrated valour and virtuosity — fighting against religious bigotry and social injustice. The Martyrdom of Bhai Mati Dass and Bhai Sati Dass is unparalleled in the world’s history. In the pre-partition years, the main strongholds of Mohyals were in Punjab and NWFP. Basically agriculturists, they were recognised as warriors and a martial race and excelled in Police and Defence Services. After the traumatic partition of the country in 1947, the Mohyals got scattered and settled in various parts of the country. They were virtually cut off from their moorings, but the inherent Mohyali spirit survived .The Community has excelled itself in Defence, Police and Administrative services besides making a mark in Industry, filmdom and various other spheres.

After partition GMS first shifted to Amritsar in 1947 and then to Delhi in 1955. The first three decades were almost spent in hibernation due to lack of resources. During the last four decades, GMS has made big strides in various fields. Today, the Community has risen and its members have come closer to each other, as never before, and the Mohyali flag is aflutter in all parts of the country. This development clearly establishes the fact that Mohyals have arrived in strength, are an integrated community and their identity is intact and vibrant. Besides building of Ashrams, Bhawans and Institutions and creating financial resources, the credibility of the GMS has never been as high as today. GMS is rightly proud of its achievements over the last four decades.

Mohyals are very proud of their seven castes


The number seven has a special connotation for them. It signifies the seven days of the week, seven wonders of the world, seven notes of the musical scale, seven primary colours of the rainbow, sapta chakras of the Kundalini, the seven steps as part of the marriage ritual and seven petals of the Lotus Flower the seat of the meditating Buddha.